Losing weight

(Overweight, Detoxification, Fat Burning)

Among our products the ‘detox queen’ beetroot, and the fat burning assistant chili can help start the process.We cannot stress enough that one of the causes of being overweight and fat deposition is water deficiency.The consumption of the right amount of water for your body weight can already help in detoxification, initiation of the metabolism and debris removal.



„Detox Queen”
Beetroot can support detoxification. It contains a ‘dietary fibre’ that, according to experts, is able to effectively cleanse the digestive system and keep everything moving due to the polysaccharide content of pectin. Beetroot fibres not only help the colon function and digestion, but also support the body’s overall detoxification mechanisms.Beetroot really boosts metabolism. It increases the level of nitric oxide in blood, which improves blood flow and the better blood flow helps brain functions.



The herb that originates from the United States is popular in most gastronomic regions of the world for its spicy taste. Its fat burning effect is also due to this aroma, as its main active ingredient, capsaicin prevents the size of your fat cells from growing further and also reduces the fat content of your blood. Whether you use it internally or externally, chili can help you lose weight because of the blood and lymph circulation stimulating effect it boosts the metabolism and gets rid of deposited roughage.More research has been done on the effects of capsaicin. It is a proven fact that it triggers the production of proteins that help weight loss and prevent fat deposits. Due to its effect immature fat cells are unable to fill with fat, which prevents their growth. The active ingredient of chili accelerates metabolism which makes the body burn more from its fat stores.In a study, people were divided into two groups. The first group was given some spicy bites before the meal, but not the other group. The study showed, people who ate an appetizer needed less food during the meal compared to the other group.Scientists have also discovered that if someone consumes spicy pepper that contains capsaicin in some form for breakfast or lunch, then that person will eat less during the day at meal times and after meals. People who took part in the experiments and consumed spicy peppers for breakfast, ate less than on other days. For example, those who ate a spicy starter were eating less lunch and dinner. Chili is therefore an appetite suppressant and it also increases the number of calories burned due to the capsaicin content, which is a thermogenic agent that increases metabolism, calorie and fat burning. It’s no coincidence that many modern fat burning agent contains capsaicin.