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For over 2000 years the benefits of noni juice have been praised by the Polynesians people who used it to treat numerous diseases including Diarrhea, Coughs and Colds, Eye infections, Rheumatism and Tuberculosis to name a few.

Only in the last 10 years has Noni become better known to the western world with thousands of users reporting positive results.
Research the following table contains statistical analysis of the data, including both primary and secondary applications, that I obtained from surveying more than 50 doctors and other health professionals who had taken Noni and/or given it to over 20,000 patients.


*Pooled percentage of people who experienced objective and/or subjective improvement of their signs and/or symptoms after taking noni. The majority of noni users who did not get optimal results failed to do so because they took a lesser dose and/or took it a lesser amount of time than recommended in the table below.