More and more experiments show that vegetables, fruits, herbs that can help prevent cancer or alleviate the symptoms of existing diseases are widely present in nature.
Among our products we primarily recommend NONI fruit, but the efficiency of GINGER, BEETROOT and CARROT is not negligible either! Of course, we recommend the use of each product as a course, either separately or simultaneously.







The essence of cancer is that it is primarily and basically a disease of the cells. Here, comes Noni “into the picture”, as it has the strongest effect at the cellular level. It helps to make abnormal cells (like cancerous cells) regain their lost balance and encourage the body’s immune system to overcome the harsh ‘foreign legions’. This is the reason why more and more health professionals recognize the potential in Noni and are eagerly turning to Noni’s obvious cancer prevention and reversal capability.

Noni’s anticancer agents

Research has shown that it is able to stimulate the activity and effectiveness of many of the components of the immune system, most of which are directly involved in the body’s constant fight against cancer.


Noni’s first impressive composition is the xeronine, an alkaloid, which is found in small quantities in the Noni fruit on the one hand, and on the other hand, it can be made from another raw material, proxeronine, found in Noni. Until the 1950s, there was little information available on either Noni or its valuable compounds. Ralph Heinicke, the pioneer of the Noni research, first discovered the “xeronine system” and assumed that all cells needed xeronine to maintain their normal function.Nitric oxideIt has been shown that it promotes the biosynthesis of a versatile substance, nitric oxide (NO), which in addition to its anti-cancer effects, has antihypertensive, cardiovascular, antiviral and antibacterial effects. Dr. Anne Hirazumi commented on the role of nitric oxide in the immune system: “NO (nitric oxide) produced by activated macrophages plays a role in the protection of the carrier person against pathogens and tumours …”

There is a great deal of interest in Nitric Oxide and its versatile abilities, so that the researchers of her health effects were awarded a Nobel Prize in 1998.


Numerous types of interleukins (IL) are thought to be stimulated by the consumption of Noni. Like most cells that help the immune system fight for the safety of the body, the interleukins created by the cells also play a diverse role. In general, interleukins are humoral substances (cell hormones) that send a message from one cell of the immune system to another, informing the recipient cell to accelerate proliferation when it is threatened by a pathogen attack. In addition, interleukins stimulate antibody production in B cells and promote cytotoxicity of natural killer cells. On top of this they can play a role in the activation of thymus-dependent T lymphocytes (T cells). According to another experiment interleukin-4 has a direct inhibitory effect on the growth of tumour cells and when it interacts with interleukin-2, it promotes the production of cytotoxic T lymphocytes.

Interferons (IFN)

Interferon-gamma, stimulated by Noni, was originally considered an antiviral agent. However, its main biological effects today are stimulation of macrophage activation and cell-mediated immunity. Interferon is a multitalented player of the immune team. However, its main biological effects today are stimulation of macrophage activation and cell-mediated immunity. Interferon is a talented player of the immune team. According to Dr. Hirazumi, interferon activates the cytotoxicity of macrophages against tumour cells and microbial pathogens.

Tumour Necrosis Factor (TNF)

Tumour Necrosis Factor (TNF) is selected by various macrophages for the destruction of cancer cells and is encouraged by Noni. It has been found that TNF plays an important role in inflammatory immune responses. In addition, it stimulates the growth of blood vessels, which is essential for wound healing.Lipopolysaccharide (LPS)Part of the bacteria is covered by a special membrane, the outer layer of which mainly consists of lipopolysaccharide (LPS). This is why the LPS, which is present almost everywhere around us, plays an enormous role in the development of our immune system. It has also been shown that Noni also stimulates LPS production, which then promotes the synthesis and release of anti-cancer agents.Natural Killer (NK) cellsNatural killer cells, whose production is also stimulated by Noni, can be classified as “green caps” (“foreign legion”) cells of the immune system. These cells are not “very selective” as to what they are killing and are able to recognize virus-infected cells as well as some tumour cells. It is unnecessary to stress that they are very efficient in freeing our body from damaged, sick, infected and “dead” cells. Their function is closely related to anti-tumour immunity, which is also called immune detection.



Beetroot’s red blood bulbs rarely appear on our table, although its beneficial effects have been known for thousands of years. Mostly, those who are familiar with the Breuss Cure are using it consciously and by choice as additional cancer treatment.

Cleansing Cure – It is full of valuable vital substancesThe ancient Greeks had already consumed beetroot because of its beneficial effect on the body. Its health protective and regenerating effect is due all those vitamins A, B and C, folate, calcium, manganese, potassium, iron, betanin, malonic acid, phytosterols, saponin, proteins and fibres that are present in beetroot.

Detoxifying, anti-cancer and hematopoieticExcellent for cleansing cures and it’s a liver cleanser. With its regular consumption we can improve our general well-being and eliminate possible stomach problems.Beetroot helps the body to absorb more oxygen, and its deep red colouring agent plays an important role in healing anaemia and leukaemia.The intense colour of beetroot is given by betanin, which has antitumor effects. The blood test of patients undergoing chemotherapy shows a significant improvement after a few weeks of beetroot treatment.





The so-called falcarinol in carrots protects the vegetables from the attack of fungi, but it turns out it can also prevent the proliferation of cancer. According to some studies, at those groups of people who have high levels of carotenoid-rich fruit and vegetables in their diet, the proportion of cancer, especially lung cancer is lower. Dietary beta-carotene has been shown to reduce the number of epithelial lung, skin, cervical, respiratory, gastric and colon tumours if consumed in larger quantities.

Here’s a story:

Ann Cameron was diagnosed with cancer in 2012, which was in the fourth stage, and the woman healed herself from the disease. She was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in 2012, and was subsequently operated and then treated with chemotherapy. However, six months after the intervention, CT scan of the lung showed cancer cells. Doctors did not promise her anything good, they said she had stage 4 colon cancer with lung metastasis. They recommended chemotherapy to the woman, but they also added that this treatment would not overcome cancer.”I asked my doctors what would happen if I didn’t want chemotherapy, they told me I had 2-3 years left, but if I went for chemotherapy, there wouldn’t be more than that either.” Ann said.She drank 2 kg of carrot’s juice daily, did not change her diet, did not follow any other therapeutic method, and did not undertake chemotherapy. She continued to eat meat and did not even say no to ice-cream. 8 weeks after the start of her carrot juice drinking, she went on another CT scan, where it was found that cancer did not spread further, it stopped growing. Six months after the starting the carrot juice cure, cancer cells completely stopped growing, there was no new cancer proliferation in the body, and the swelling of the lymphatic system was also healed.

Ann Cameron was completely healed eight months after the start of her carrot juice cure, and no cancer cells could be detected in her body.She then told her doctor the story of her miraculous healing, and the doctor confirmed that he had heard about a number of natural healing treatments, but he could not recommend any of these because there were no official examinations and statistics on these therapies.




Ginger is not only known to be a cousin of turmeric, but also that it’s able to reduce the size of tumours.
It is often consumed around the world in small portions in the form of food products and beverages, and the healing properties of ginger are far beyond the advanced pharmaceutical inventions.In one study, ginger extract reduced the size of prostate cancer of mice by 56%.
In addition to its anti-cancer properties, its anti-inflammatory effects were also noticed. It should also be noted that it is a rich source of antioxidants that improve the quality of life. While ginger has virtually no side effects and has been used by many cultures for centuries in their diet. The 100% pure ginger extract has been shown to have a large spectrum of anti-tumor effects and cell death effects on prostate cancer cells.
More than 17 other studies have come to similar conclusions about the antitumor effect of ginger. The positive effects of this herb are also present in case of many other diseases.