Our products are made from vegetables which are grown without any fertilizers or other toxic substances. Vegetables are dried at 30-40 C, then they are ground and stuffed into vegetable capsules.
A 60 capsule product contains approximately 4-5 kg of vegetables.
Filled capsules contain no additives or other preservatives, therefore they contain 100% of the respective ground vegetables only!

1.) For anaemia

If someone’s haemoglobin level is low, it is suggested for them to consume beetroot. Beetroot has a high content of iron and folic acid, which has a beneficial effect on hematopoiesis. In addition, the human body absorbs iron more easily from beetroot than from other plants.

2.) Reduction of blood pressure

Beetroot is rich in nitrate. Nitrate is converted into nitric oxide in the human body, which helps expanding blood vessels and thus it can reduce blood pressure.

3.) It can have detoxifying and fat burning effects

Beetroot can also support liver function, detoxification processes, and reduce the risk of developing fatty liver. Certain phytochemicals such as the pigment called methionine, stimulate and vitalize the cells of the liver, making them more effective in the fight against the accumulated toxins. Beetroot can also strengthen the intestinal tract, and the betaine in it can help break down fats, so it can have a fat burning effect. If we consume it with carrots and cucumbers, it can help break down fat even more.

4.) It can improve endurance

The beneficial effect of the high nitrate content of the beetroot could be noticed during training, because the vegetable can improve the body’s oxygen consumption, therefore we can feel tired later when we exercise. Beetroot can also help in regeneration. Because it improves fitness, performance and endurance very well, it is worth consuming beetroot prior to more serious physical exercise. This effect is also due to the nitrates contained in it, because they are transformed in the body, dilating blood vessels and increasing blood flow, so the cells get more oxygen and nutrients.

5.) Against skin problems

Nutrients in beetroot, such as calcium, manganese, copper, magnesium and vitamins can strengthen bones and teeth. This isn’t only due to the high nutrient content but also to their unique combination, which helps valuable trace elements and minerals to absorb more easily.Thanks to its detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and blood circulation enhancing effects, beetroot can have a very good effect on our skin, with its help we can fight against acne, furuncles and other skin problems, and its high antioxidant content protects against the first signs of aging.

6.) Inflammation reduction

Beetroot can also be effective in reducing inflammation due to its betaine content. It can protect cells, internal organs and its regular consumption can have disease preventive effects.

7.) It can help prevent cancer

The colour of beetroot is due to the red pigments known as betacyanin. Some studies suggest that betacyanin can protect against certain cancer types, liver, colon, and skin cancer. Research has shown that this compound can significantly slow down the rate of tumor growth.

8.) Against Alzheimer’s disease

Beetroot can have very good effects on the brain. It’s beautiful, bright purple colour is given by a substance called betanin which, according to a research, may help prevent the formation of deposits in the brain that are also responsible for Alzheimer’s disease.

9.) It can help control heart rates

Beetroot or beetroot green is full of potassium. Potassium has an important role in the regulation of heart rhythm and nervous system, therefore the consumption of beetroot can be good for the heart, the circulation and the health of the whole vascular system and blood vessels.

10.) Protects the health of the prostate

According to a research, due to the high zinc content in beetroot, it may help to preserve the health of the prostate, or contribute to the proper functioning of this organ.

11.) It can increase the libido of men

There is a lot of zinc in beetroot, the regular, moderated consumption of which can not only increase libido in men, but it can also reduce the risk of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction – and increase testosterone levels.

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1.) Vitamins

It is an excellent source of water-soluble vitamin C and fat-soluble vitamin A (primarily in the form of beta-carotene). These two important antioxidants together can help reduce free radicals in your body.It contains vitamin B (in the form of folic acid and vitamin B6), which helps to maintain a stable homocysteine ​​level. Homocysteine ​​is an amino acid that directly damages the vascular and its elevated level is a known risk factor for cardiovascular disease (myocardial infarction, stroke).

It also contains magnesium and potassium, these two minerals can play an important role in balancing blood pressure.

Out of all vitamins in spinach, vitamin B is present in the highest proportion. The body’s fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism can be significantly improved if the intake of vitamin B is adequate.On top of these, due to its also high antioxidant content, spinach can be called a super food.

Pregnant women are probably well aware that spinach can provide their body with the right amount of folic acid, which is essential for healthy fetal development.

In addition, folic acid plays an important role in the formation of red blood cells and in the right amino acid synthesis of the body.

2.) Eye health

In addition to vitamin A, spinach contains lutein and zeaxanthin in concentrated form. These antioxidants play an important role in maintaining eye health.According to researchers, carotenoid phytonutrients protect the eyes from oxidative damages. Because these carotenoids are fat soluble, when spinach is consumed with a little oil or fat-containing food (such as olive oil, eggs, nuts), this can help its better absorption.

3.) Blood sugar

Spinach is rich in amino acids and a cup of green leaves contains 5 gr of protein. In addition, it is abundant in calcium, magnesium, potassium and fibre, each of which can reduce blood glucose levels. Fibre, protein, and minerals together can balance the insulin level and thus nourish the body.

4.) Circulation, blood pressure

Spinach can be very effective in preventing circulatory disorders and relieving these type of diseases. Due to its antioxidants, it can not only normalize blood pressure or bring it near to normal, but it can also eliminate fatigue caused by blood pressure fluctuations. Its active ingredients can protect the heart and the whole vascular system.

5.) Alkalinizing

Spinach is one of the most alkalizing types of food, so it can prevent the acidification of the body. Like all alkalizing food, spinach can help detoxify the body and cure a number of diseases by restoring pH levels. One of the effects of alkaline food is that fungal diseases can diminish, our digestion can improve, and our mood can become significantly more positive.

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1.) Eye health

Bigger amounts of beta-carotene can improve vision, sharpness, and even eye orientation in the dark. It is full of vitamin A, which is essential for eye health and sharpness of vision. Nutritionists also refer to vitamin A as retinol. In fact, this name directly refers to the function that it performs in the eye. The eye retina contains cells that can produce black and white images even from the smallest twinkling light. Without retinol, neither of us could distinguish the contrast between light and dark.

2.) Skin health

It can help you stay healthier and younger. Carrots can be effective because they contain vitamins such as vitamin C, which contain antioxidants. Antioxidants bind free radicals that damage cells and accelerate aging. As it contains a lot of vitamin A, it can protect skin from dehydration and toxins. Due to its moisture content, it can hydrate and reduce wrinkles. There’s no need for expensive anti-wrinkle products, due to their high beta-carotene content, carrots can provide a young and smooth look. Thanks to their carotenoid content, carrots can prevent sunburn.

3.) Teeth- Oral health

It contains a huge amount of minerals, including those that have antibacterial properties. Such minerals can even affect the health of teeth, prevent caries, and even improve the color of teeth.

4.) Joint problems

The consumption of carrots can relieve joint pain and chronic arthritis. Arthritis causes many health problems. One of these is rigid joints.

5.) Heart and Cardiovascular System

Because of its potassium content it can be beneficial for the cardiovascular system. It can help control your cholesterol level. Its mineral content is essential for the proper functioning of several muscles including the heart muscles. It is very rich in fiber, therefore it can help dissolve cholesterol, clean blood vessels, and thus reduce cholesterol levels.

6.) Vitality-immune system

It can help you overcome stress at the end of a difficult day. Because of its iron content, carrots can be very effective in vitalizing, so you can stay dynamic and full of energy all day long. It contains plenty of magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, manganese, copper and vitamins A, C, E and K. They can strengthen the immune system and a strong immune system can help fight colds and flu.

7.) High fiber content

Thanks to its fiber content, carrots can promote digestion. Fiber helps regulate bowel movements, thus cleaning the intestine. This can help maintain the balance of bacteria in the body. Its fiber content can also be good for the liver. It can help break down indigestible carbohydrates in the liver and neutralize toxins.

8.) Prevention of tumor cell mutation

Carrots are very rich in vitamin E, and this vitamin can reduce the risk of cancer. Due to its antioxidant content, it can help prevent cell mutation.According to experts, it can also slow down the proliferation of cancerous cells. The almost abnormal amount of carotenoid in carrots can help prevent certain types of tumors, such as neck, breast or colon cancer.

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Garlic has long-known health protection effects due to its antibiotic and antioxidant content, which can help protect against cancer. Besides, it has a significant role in reducing so-called bad cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

1.) Bacterial and antiviral

It may have a bacterial and antiviral effect, thanks to its allicin content: it may be more effective against certain microorganisms than penicillin. It can also be used against pathogens that cause digestive disorders. Due to its antiviral ability, it can help in the fight against enteritis, inflammation of the liver and herpes. It also fights against certain fungal infections.

2.) Natural aphrodisiac

There are several reasons for this: besides the blood purifying effects, it has a significant toning effect and can also stimulate the hypophysis and hormonal system.

3.) A friend of the vascular system

It can be used against arteriosclerosis and as a blood pressure lowering agent. With the consumption of garlic blood pressure can be reduced, while the elasticity of blood vessels can be increased. The amount of cholesterol that is deposited in the artery wall may be significantly less with regular consumption of garlic, so it can be a natural “medicine” that can be used to treat cholesterol problems. In addition with regular consumption of garlic, blood clot formation can also be prevented, as its active ingredients do not allow blood platelets to stick together.

4.) Against Atherosclerosis

Laboratory studies have shown that it can play an important role in preventing or even eliminating atherosclerosis. Garlic can also inhibit the so-called plaque, that is, the hard, lime-like materials deposited on the vessel wall. Plaque is a fatty stenosis on the walls of the arteries, often containing lime too.

5.) Strengthens the immune system

The antimicrobial effect of garlic was already known by Aristotle and Hippocrates. Due to its microbial effect it has been used to prevent wound infection. Its antimicrobial effect is due to the sulfur bonds in garlic. Laboratory tests have shown that it can be effective against Staphylococcus, Streptococcus bacteria, as well as other bacterial and vibrio forms and can prevent the spread of fungi.

6.) Detoxifying

Garlic can also help to eliminate lead from our body, so it can help with detoxification. Perhaps it is less well known that it can have a good effect on the blood sugar level, so it is highly recommended for diabetics to consume garlic.

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1.) It can control diabetes

Ginger can reduce blood sugar and increase the effectiveness of insulin and other medicines used to treat diabetes. Ginger can also significantly reduce diabetes-related health complications: its regular consumption can reduce urine protein levels and protect nerves and reduce blood fat levels in diabetics.

2.) It can soothe the strangled stomach

Ginger’s carminative properties can be a great help in soothing the upset stomach, and can also relax the digestive system muscles, thus preventing bloating. Experts often recommend ginger to relieve serious stomach problems such as dyspepsia or intestinal spasms, but it is often used to treat bacterial diarrhea as well. Ginger has a positive effect on your body and it can quickly cure the symptoms of stomach upset.

3.) It can improve heart health

Ginger has been used for a long time to strengthen the heart. It can reduce cholesterol levels and prevent the formation of blood clots, thus reducing the risk of developing cardiac heart disease. Because it contains a lot of potassium ginger can have a very good effect on the heart, and the manganese in it can protect the heart, blood vessels and urinary tract.

4.) It can help prevent colds and flu

Ginger can turbocharge the immune system and due to its warming and sweating effect it is used as a natural medicine to treat colds and flu. The antiviral, detoxifying and fungicidal effects contained in it may help in the treatment. So we can naturally detoxify our body, improve our well-being and speed up the healing process.

5.) It can be effective against cancer

Ginger can also be useful in the treatment of ovarian cancer. Research at the University of Michigan Cancer Center has shown that ground ginger causes the death of ovarian cancer cells. In another experiment, it was observed that ginger slows down the growth of rectal cancer cells, thus greatly helping to slow down or prevent the process of rectal cancer.

6.) It can relieve menstrual pain

Because ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic, it can also be used to relieve menstrual pain: it can instantly relieve sharp pain in the form of a powder or capsule.

7.) It can relieve morning sickness during pregnancy

Pregnant women suffering from morning sickness can also benefit from ginger because it has similar effects as vitamin B6. Ginger can provide instant refreshment from nausea or dizziness.

8.) It can reduce the pain caused by arthritis

Ginger has strong anti-inflammatory properties, so it can be excellent for treating pain caused by arthritis, rheumatism or degenerative joint inflammation. Several studies have shown that ginger can effectively relieve the pain of arthritic patients.

9.) It can relieve migraine

It is a proven fact that ginger can relieve migraine pain because it prevents prostaglandins from causing pain and inflammation in the blood vessels. Because ginger has an anti-inflammatory effect, we can also drink ginger tea to treat migraine thus relieving the unbearable pain and dizziness or nausea.10.  It can ease coughsGinger is a natural painkiller, so it can heal the pain or irritation of the throat. It can also be used for cough suppression, during colds and flu. The spicy effect of ginger can help clean the lungs from accumulated mucus, which can be the cause of coughs.Buy Now


1.) Weight loss

There have been a number of research done on the effects of capsaicin. It is a proven fact that it can produce proteins that can help in weight loss and prevent fat deposits. Due to its effects immature fat cells are unable to fill with fat, thus preventing these cells from growing. The active ingredient of chili can speed up your metabolism, so your body can burn more from its fat storage.In one study, people were divided into two groups. The first group was given some spicy bites before the meal, but not the other group. The study showed, people who ate an appetizer needed less food during the meal compared to the other group.

2.) Anticancer

Capsaicin can kill cancer cells without side effects, but does not damage the healthy ones. It may be particularly effective in lung, stomach and pancreatic cancer which is extremely difficult to cure. This may be an explanation for the fact that many countries that consume chili, such as Mexico or India, have very low rates of cancer.

3.) Painkiller

Chili in folk medicine has been used to relive pain for centuries. Externally can be rubbed in to relieve severe migraine pains and toothache, giving a warm sensation. This causes skin flushes and skin tissues get more blood, thus it can reduce rheumatic pain and inflammation. Nowadays there are several capsaicin-containing creams available to reduce all kinds of pain. The same receptors perceive the itching sensation and pain, so it is suitable for the treatment of shingles and herpes too.

4.) Disinfectant

We can use this effect mostly when we suffer from colds or sore throat. Of course, you don’t have to eat a whole chili pepper on its own, it’s enough to use it to season your food. In this form, it can relieve throat inflammation, unclog your blocked nose, as it dilutes dense mucus, and also has an expectorant effect that supports the elimination of torturous cough.

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1.) It can improve digestion

Peppermint has been used for millennia to treat various digestive and gastrointestinal diseases. Peppermint is considered to be a carminative, because it can help to move gases in the body, reduce bloating, cramps and stomach problems. It can also stimulate bile fluid to increase digestion speed and efficiency and promote healthy bowel movements. Not only is it a carminative, it is also an analgesic, so it can reduce the pain caused by cramps, bloating and digestive disorders. This is due to the soothing effect on the intestines and the smooth muscles of the digestive system. Diarrhoea, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and constipation can also be alleviated by raising the overall bowel bowel system to the optimal level of activity.

2.) It can prevent nausea and vomiting

When it comes to illnesses, there are few such unpleasant things like nausea. Peppermint is an antispasmodic, so it can reduce the chance of vomiting and nausea, even for those who are suffering from motion sickness.It can also reduce stomach pain and weakness associated with travel diseases.

3.) It can improve resiratory disorders

As an antispasmodic agent, it can relieve the annoying coughing stimulus, thereby avoiding more severe breathing difficulties. By relaxing the throat and chest muscles it can eliminate the symptoms of colds and flu.

4.) It can reduce the fewer

When we think of the special, cooling effect of menthol, we don’t normally think of hot tea. However, the main component of peppermint is menthol, so its consumption can cause external sweating while the menthol internally cools the body. This can fundamentally reduce fever and associated inflammation and improve the general well-being.

5.) It can support the immune system

Peppermint has antibacterial properties against bacteria that cause diseases such as fever and coughs. It can also prevent the different diseases of the human body. Vitamin B, potassium, antioxidant and calcium content can also help the body to absorb nutrients and thus fight diseases.

6.) It can eliminate bad breath

Peppermint has a strong, menthol flavor and antibacterial effect, making it an ideal way to improve your breath. Its antibacterial ingredients can kill bacteria that can lead to halitosis while the menthol in it absorbs the unpleasant smell and leaves a fresh breath.

7.) It can help burn fat

Peppermint capsules and the organic ingredients in it can help control appetite, reducing excessive food intake and preventing obesity.

8.) It can reduce stress

The natural sedative or antispasmodic effect of menthol helps with immediate mental stress relief. The antipyretic effect of peppermint can reduce blood pressure and body temperature, allowing you to relax and let the stress go away. This is one of the reasons why peppermint oil is so popular in aromatherapy treatments.

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1.) Lower blood sugar

Dill owes this effect to vanadium because it regulates insulin production and prevents the storage of fat. The he carbohydrate consumed is not stored as fat, but goes directly to the muscle cells and is converted into energy.


2.) Lower cholesterol level

Dill is able to lower cholesterol. The study determined the effect of dill on lipid profile, liver enzymes and enzymatic activity which was shown positive in hamsters having high cholesterol. The regular dosage of dill in various forms, it lowered liver enzymes, blood glucose and lipid profile in the treated groups.


3.) May help with epilepsy

This plant has been used for centuries to treat epilepsy. The aqueous extract of Dill leaves was reviewed for the effects on treatment of epilepsy and convulsions. As the evaluation showed that the plant has medical reputation for profound anticonvulsant activities and is an effective alternative to treat epilepsy.


4.) Relieve Stomach Problems

Dill also can ease the passage of bowel movements and relieve constipation.


5.) Antibacterial

Its antibacterial effect is very strong, it can prevent the growth of harmful pathogens in the intestines and in other parts of our body.

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1.) Fighting cancer

Helps fight cancer. Broccoli helps fight certain types of cancers such as breast cancer, uterine cancer, prostate cancer, and various internal organs such as lung, liver, intestinal, colon, and kidney cancers.
Vegetables obtained from these crucifers have a sulfur-containing preparation and anti-cancer properties, namely sulforaphane. Sulforafan may inhibit the enzyme histone deacetylase (HDAC), which is responsible for the progression of cancer cells. Folate is a vitamin. It is known to reduce the risk of breast cancer in women. In addition, other carcinogenic compounds in glucophanphan, diindolylmethane, beta-carotene, selenium and broccoli help fight cancer.

2.) Prevents healthy aging

It protects the skin from aging, thanks to the positive effect of antioxidants. If we consume broccoli regularly, we may need early wrinkles and also enjoy protection against skin pigmentation. Because this vegetable contains anti-inflammatory compounds, it can be very effective in the fight against aging. Vitamins E and B can provide a healthy glow to the skin. Sulforaphane regenerates skin damage.

3.) Detoxifies the blood

Broccoli takes up the fight against fatty liver disease because it blocks fat uptake while increasing lipid release.

4.) Prevents maintain normal cognitive functions

One study has shown that vitamin B6 in combination with vitamin B12 and folic acid slows cerebral atrophy, which is important because cerebral atrophy develops in Alzheimer’s disease. Adults usually suffer from vitamin B12 deficiency and can generate memory problems. The human brain can be “revived”. All you need for this is a broccoli – which ensures the right amount of vitamins and minerals.

5.) Keeps strong bones, and healthy joints

Calcium is an essential mineral for having strong bones and healthy teeth. It also helps children grow up with good muscles and nerves.

6.) Helps boost energy levels

Broccoli are great for providing energy to the body.

7.) Contributes to fertility

Broccoli and level vegetables, with their high folic acid and iron content, help the fertilized egg to adhere, and the vitamin C in it is essential for proper ovarian function and the ovulation process.

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