Vitamin supplementation for children

For the sake of their healthy development, it is important for children, in addition to a varied diet, to have the right amount of vitamin and mineral intake.We recommend our products to those who care to avoid synthetic ingredients, additives, flavourings, colorants and preservatives in their child’s diet too! Our products are 100% exclusively made from the respective vegetable or fruit powder.

As 95% of the water content evaporates during gentle drying at 30-40 ° C, the powder has a smaller volume but has the same vitamin and mineral content.Noni fruit can be given from the age of 0.5 and other vegetables can also be added to the normal diet. For bigger ones we recommend the consumption with the natural capsule, for the small ones the capsules can be opened and the content can be mixed into any food or drink (not warmer than 40 ° C)!

Each of our 60-piece product is a 1-month dose for an adult, but for children it is enough for 2 months, as 1 capsule or its powder is recommended per day.

Our products are not instant powders and therefore do not dissolve but can be incorporated into any food or drink.

So our children can also get nutrients naturally!